1. Alexander Calder  
    Birds in Flight, 1975


  2. Claude Aveline, Picture of The-Non-Existent-Bird

    Here is the pic­ture of The-Non-Existent-Bird.
    Not its fault if the Good Lord who made every thing omitted to create it.
    It has a look of other birds, for non-exis­tent crea­tures bear some resem­blance to those that exist.
    But they haven’t a name.
    Which is why this bird is called the Non-Existent-Bird.
    And why it is sad.
    Perhaps sleeping or waiting for the moment of exis­tence.
    Wondering what sort of beak or wings it will have : will it be able to dive under water, as actual birds do, without spoiling its colours ?
    It would like to hear itself sing.
    It would like to be afraid of death.
    It would like to have very ugly, very much alive baby-birds.
    So the dream of a non-exis­tent-bird is to stop being a dream.
    No one is ever sat­is­fied.
    And that being the case, how can all go well with the world ?


  3. Ossip Zadkine, 1964
    Claude Aveline, Portrait de l’Oiseau-Qui-N’Existe-Pas et Autres poèmes Geneva, 1964


  4. I’ll Fly Away - written by Albert E. Brumley


  5. Louis Ferdinand Destouches, dit «Céline», rédige le manuscrit du Voyage au bout de la nuit de 1928 à 1931. Il a 34 ans et n’a encore jamais publié de roman.


  6. "…the new world, the communo-bourgeois, sermonizing, Tartuffian, automobilistic, alcoholic, gluttonous and cancerous world has only two anxieties: ass and bank account…"
    — Louis-Ferdinand Céline

  8. "Why am I exactly this and not that being ? at this point of unlimited space and in this moment of infinite time ? in this group of beings, on this planet ? Why do I exist if I could have been without existence ?"
    — Witkacy

  9. Self-portrait, “Collapse, with Lamp”, 1913
    Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz 
    Gelatin silver print


  10. Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy)
    Kuszenie św. Antoniego”, 1916-21
    Olej na płótnie 


  11. Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy)
    Portrait of Maryla Grossmanowa  


  12. As a child of capitalism, i had no real teachers or living masters, and the only way was to invent my own.
    All my life i have been living from the virtual forces of our forgotten ancestors, knowing they might be insufficient for a better think.
    My school teachers where so ashamed of themselves; i can see it clearly now. trapped between wisdom and wealth…
    what does it mean, education ?
    To show the ways, when all the ways go to Rome ?
    I did my best breaking them with emotions, and often observed compassion (?) and delight in our mutual efforts.
    The first of all miracles, tenderness, in my teachers eye`s.


  14. Colin Wilson on Hampstead Heath, 1956


  15. "Human intelligence is a function of man’s evolutionary urge; the scientist and the philosopher hunger for truth because they are tired of being merely human."
    — Colin Wilson, The Mind Parasites